Are you looking for something that stands out? You can special order a glove with the custom options you that fits your style.

The Glove Doctor, LLC partners with major manufacturers that provide the ability to custom order gloves. Links to the web sites of these manufacturers are provided below for your convenience. However, remember to contact The Glove Doctor directly to purchase your new glove!  If you go through the manufacturer's shopping cart to purchase, you will not be purchasing through The Glove Doctor LLC, and will not you will not be eligible to receive the break-in service for free.  If you configure what you are looking for and share it with us through e-mail or printed copy, we will then order the glove(s) for you and make sure you are getting all the specs and features you need before you commit to the purchase. 

The Glove Doctor specializes in the breaking in all gloves that he sells*, taking the pain out of buying a new glove. Each new glove is given his personal touch. Mike’s work ethic and honesty has helped the business grow steadily since 1995.

 * Please note that we do not offer the break in service for gloves we do not sell.





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