Glove Information

The Glove Doctor, LLC represents five major manufacturers and is able to obtain the glove you want, if not already in stock. Links to the web sites of these manufacturers are provided below for your convenience. However, remember to contact The Glove Doctor directly to purchase your new glove!

Mike began selling ball gloves in 1995 after buying an American-made glove made by Glovesmith, Inc. He became their first retail sales business without a store front. After several years of continued growth in sales largely due to his “break-in” service offered (no additional cost) on every glove he sells, he was contacted by manufacturers, Nokona, Rawlings, Mizuno and Wilson to sell their gloves.

The Glove Doctor specializes in breaking in all gloves that he sells, taking the pain out of buying a new glove. Each new glove is given his personal touch. Mike’s work ethic and honesty has helped the business grow steadily for the past 15 years.

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