A Short History of The Glove Doctor, LLC



Excerpt from Newspaper Article printed in the Youngstown Vindicator April 30, 2000

Excerpt from Newspaper Article printed in the Youngstown Vindicator April 30, 2000GLOVE DOCTOR PRESCRIBES -- REPAIR AND RELACE” Michael Wilkinson has earned a beloved nickname during the past 25 years. There is a common bondbetween a kid and his old dusty baseball glove. But those boys grow up. And though the excitement of the mitt fades, the memory of great play with that old glove can linger for a lifetime. From his workshop in his Scoville Drive home, Michael Wilkinson keeps the memories and the gloves alive…. “it’s gotten to the point where I want to do this full time after retirement,” said the 53 year old Wilkinson.



After retiring in 2002 as an Engineer for GM for 34 years, Mike became “The Glove Doctor” full time with his wife, Barbara and son, Brant helping grow the business!

Owner, Mike Wilkinson with experience gained over the past 40 years is able to re-lace, patch and sew, add padding, Velcro, replace straps and do just about anything that needs done to a glove to keep it serviceable. Due to time restraints, restoring old gloves is unfortunately no longer an option.. Mike’s knowledge is self taught (with an engineering background) and from personal contact with designers and representatives of his glove manufacturers.

Mike has been helping his customers find the right glove for the past 26 years. He represents five manufacturers and is able to obtain the glove you want, if he does not have it in stock. He carries gloves for the T-Ball player to the Sr. Softball player and everyone in between, including the left-handed player. We have a glove in your price range and it comes pre broken it for you. Mike has attended tournaments and sign-ups for many years and earned the respect of his customers. 

Due to our being designated as the Wilson repair and warranty facility and MIzuno repair facility, the workload has increased significantly. Enough that the time required to keep up with business he is working out of the shop exclusively. Also, at 75 years old it gets tough packing up and hauling all the gloves around and setting up and tearing down.

Our shop is located in our home, and therefore we would appreciate not receiving calls until 10:00 am Eastern time.  Shop hours are from 11:00 am Eastern time to 7:00 pm. Because he specializes in personal one on one service, customers desiring to visit the shop must call for an appointment. 

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